Our Visit Room 

Our visit room is a neutral, safe space for biological familes to connect and play.

The Need: Biological families typically get 1-2 hours a week together while their children are in care. Our local agencies are open for visits between 9am- 4pm weekdays, making visits hard to fit around work and school. Our Visit Room allows flexiblity with schedules by providing avaibility in the evenings and weekends.  Our space provides games, puzzles, toys, and creative options for parents and kids to play and bond.

Our Visit Room is available by appointment only. Please fill out the request at least 3 days before the visit, if planning reoccuring visits each week, feel free to place requests for entire month at the beginning of the month to give us more time to approve requests with our volunteer team. 

Please note: We do not provide a supervisor for visits. You /Agency must provide your own. 


We provide a variety of games, toys, coloring books for families to use during the visit. Feel free to bring your own food or drink, but please clean up your food/drinks when you leave. 

Please reveiw our VISIT ROOM POLICY

and then fill out the form completely. We need 1 request per visit.